I was searching the Internet today for information on renovating Victorian cottages when I came across a New York Times story on this fantastic little housein the Catskills:

It was an old hunting cabin that Sandra Foster
turned into the romantic Victorian cottage she had always wanted.
You even have to use a ladder to get to the sleeping loft!
And look at the front porch:

So cute!



11 Comments on The Sweetest Little Cottage

  1. Hi there, I'm new here what a breath taking place, it look like it has an enchantment on it. I want to move in! Sharon

  2. Oh wow, this is so lovely!

    I prefer small houses to big houses. They just seem more like a home.

  3. I sent that to a friend in Canada (I mean the hard copy)…it was charming & though she can't live in it due to lack of plumbing, etc. it has lots of good ideas. But I hope people go read it as it is, as Tina knows, about more than the cottage. xo

  4. Spotted this in the Times over the summer…wouldn't we all love to have a heavenly retreat like this?!!