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From the inspiration journals of Nada Hayek:

–Chuck Palahniuk
So interesting that Palahniuk serves as muse to so many women…Do you know why?

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My friend Faye Fiore wrote a fascinating story about Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit, which has been banned from public view for 100 years. It’s in storage in a secret locker in Maryland. There’s just one problem: No one knows what happened to the pillbox hat.

It’s a wonderful, long story — although somewhat hard to read amid all the ads. But it’s worth it. Let me know what you think! HERE’S THE LINK.

A SIDE NOTE: So many talented writers have been cut from the LA Times. The fact that Faye is still there and doing her thing makes me so happy. When I first started at the paper, I used to clip all of Faye’s stories and keep them in my writing inspiration file…


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Safe and Sound

Feb 02, 2011

After a week in the cat hospital, Shoes Lebowski is finally home. The whole ordeal ended up costing nearly $2,000. But, it’s ok because…I have a new job! After a year of freelancing, I was offered a wonderful position (with salary and benefits!) at an amazing company. I even get my own office — on the 24th floor of a downtown LA high-rise…

So here’s hoping this is the start of a new chapter in my life — and an entirely new career…For the next few days — before I start my job on Monday — I’m enjoying hanging out with Shoes
and relaxing…

Reading Annie Proulx’s Bird Cloud is doubly sweet.

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