Feb 13, 2011

by English Muse

From the inspiration journals of Nada Hayek:

–Chuck Palahniuk
So interesting that Palahniuk serves as muse to so many women…Do you know why?


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3 Responses to “Chuck Palahniuk & More…”

  1. Brian Miller says:

    palanhiuk is amazing..and i imagine he inspires more than just women…

  2. Daydream Lily says:

    Fight Club! Gosh Im not sure why exactly I love chuck so much. Perhaps it's because I grew up with this different way of looking at the world around me and I lived in such a small town so people just thought I was strange..so I would fake what I liked to fit in… and it wasnt untill I saw fight club and read his books that I realised there is a name for my humor and others out there that think the way I do. That see through the bullshit, I put it there with American Beauty and Catcher in the Rye for giving me the same feeling.

  3. UnaBb says:


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