This is an amazing effort — largely by women style bloggers — to raise funds for Japan.
The goal was to raise $5500. As of this evening, more than $45,000 was pledged.

Grab the banner and donate here!


7 Comments on For Japan With Love

  1. that is awesome…love seeing the response…makes me think of the margaret mead quote…it all begins with a small group of people banding together…

  2. This is nice & I saw it a few days ago but I feel like I'm shrieking in the wilderness. The World Food Programme has gone from rec'v donations from Japan as their 4th largest donor to first responding IN Japan. This is causing a crisis not only for Japan but for world food programs across the world. Including Haiti & Sudan.

    Give to the WFP – please. And they are also asking bloggers to help. Design & other bloggers who do not know how to appropriate monies should please pay heed.

  3. I am SO GLAD this has been successful! I heard about it and joined in, even though my blog only reaches a dozen people on its best days, because it seemed like such a rapid way to share and speak with one voice.