I love finding inspiration journals on flickr — like little windows into other people’s creative souls. This one was created by Rachel Duarte. Her “rules for being human” are so lovely and true.


14 Comments on The Inspiration Journals of Rachel Duarte

  1. Didn't realize this is what I should call my journals.

    Have thought of posting about mine for years. Never have.

    Ok, you've inspired me !

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. i always have a hard time with the "there are no mistakes" line.some mistakes ruin lives, so it's not always "just a lesson" for a better tomorrow. mistakes can be tragic. perhaps i'm taking an expression too seriously, but it bugs me!

    on a much lighter note, i do love these sorts of journals. :)

  3. I am completely losing myself in your blog today. Having discovered you through Tumblr -in a round about way, I feel like I have discovered treasure :)
    I love the Rules of Being Human !
    besitos , C

  4. Just beautiful. Isn't it great to sneak a look at other people's journals? I love how people are happy to share their inspiration. It's contagious.

  5. I love her rules for being human!! It's fun to have a glimpse into the journals (thoughts) of others. Very inspiring, indeed!

  6. I love personal journals and have many of my own and the collection gets bigger all the time! They're so inpspirational aren't they?x