Photographer Irina Werning has long been fascinated with old photographs, especially the ones that capture the goofy poses and dated interiors.
“Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today,” she explains on her website.“A few months ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future.”Her subjects dug out their old photographs, and — with a little creative staging — allowed Werning to recreate their past.The result is amazing:

GAHH, people are so funny! I love them.

Werning — who took most of these photos in London and Buenos Aries (where she’s living at the moment) — has more photos like this on her website.

She looking for new subjects for her Back to the Future II series.
If you’re in New York or Boston (in May) or in Europe (in June)
and don’t care about reliving your past,
drop her a line!

BTW, she has a hilarious set of photos that she took of her friend’s hairless dog, Chini.
(Via Better Shelter Blog.)



13 Comments on Retro Photos, Redone…

  1. We're having to do a photo project exactly like this for an undergrad photo class. My professor actually showed us her images last class to help us understand what he wanted us to do. Her work is surprisingly accurate and oftentimes humorous. It must take so much work! They're fantastic. 😀

  2. Ingenious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great idea for a 50th birthday celebration or some goofy thing :)

  3. I saw these a few weeks ago via Annekata's blog, and laughed so. hard. I love the one second from the bottom. The clueless work isn't quite so cute in adulthood, is it?

  4. i'm so crazy about this series. i wish she would come to virginia so i could participate! i have just the photo in mind…