Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to sign off for the week with a link to this interesting New York Times story, headlined “Gadgets you should get rid of (or not).”

In sum: Dump the desktop, keep the books (with one exception-cookbooks???)

Have a lovely weekend!

(Illustration by Vivienne Strauss.)


7 Comments on The weekend…

  1. Books – keep them! Most definitely agree!
    GPS – lose it. That's the one I have to disagree with. Love having that Garmen mounted in front of me.

    Happy weekend!! :)

  2. While I love the idea of seeing how a dish is supposed to look and visuals of the methods used to get it there. . . I just think of the food-splattered pages of my cookbook collection, collected over 20 years and shutter to think what would happen to an electronic device on my countertop.

  3. what an interesting article…I don't have a smartphone though, so I guess it doesn't apply! haha.

  4. I could never get rid of my cockbooks! I'd starve then… (maybe that just tells something different about me than the article intended :))

  5. I disagreed with a few of their suggestions. Losing thumb drives and placing things in the cloud, for instance, is not something that has worked for me in the past.
    …And of course, I could never ever lose the books or the cookbooks.