Month: April 2011


Victorian Die Cuts

Screen shot 2011-08-01 at 8.58.14 PM

Gracia & Louise


The collage creations of Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison…

The two artists from Melbourne are the publishers of zines and books,
spotlighting their compositions of curious and colorful things.
Their art is the visual equivalent of marzipan.


(Even more on Gracia & Louise’s Flickr page.)


What I’m reading….

I just started “The Man Who Invented the Computer,” by Jane Smiley (yes, that Jane!).
It’s fascinating so far.
I’m such a computer geek. Of all the profiles I’ve written, one of my favorites is about Michael Heilemann, who created WordPress’ Kubrick theme. I love the backstory of the Internet.

What are you reading this week?


Wuthering Heights — A Family Tree…

wuthering heights- family tree

Although I know from previous comments that some you absolutely hated Wuthering Heights, I wanted to post this illustration by Lizzy Stewart. I think it’s so charming and I love how Catherine is in sepia.

Have a lovely Monday, everyone!

Keys to the Castle! (Rather, the little house)

Draw Some Keys
We’re out of escrow! We just got the keys to the little house. The books are all packed and we’re ready to go. I’m taking the camera over today to get pictures for you. I need lots of advice on how to turn this very plain (but cute) house into a really lovely cottage…

More later!

(Illustration by Mellanie C.)

The Mortimer/Gaghan Library

The April issue of Matchbook Magazine is out and I’ve been poring over every page. There’s a wonderful story about Minnie Mortimer (her family is considered New York royalty.) She’s married to Oscar winning writer/director Stephen Gaghan, who did Syriana and Traffic.

Their Los Angeles home is amazing, but their library is beyond wonderful. It’s stylish, but in the way true bibliophiles’ collections are stylish–an arrangement that evokes both care for the books and their frequent use. Stacking is the tip-off!

(Photo from Matchbook Magazine.)

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