…can’t quit…

Last night I had made a decision to close down this blog. But the truth is, I just can’t. It’s too important to me for reasons
I know all of you understand. I’m sorry about the drama.
Come what may, I’m here to stay.
(Photo by Parpadeo.)



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  1. Oh, thank God. I came back here looking for an update, for anything.

    We love you, you know.

    (But I still think you should write a book.)

  2. I'm really glad you've decided to keep the blog. I've only recently (since January) been reading and I can honestly say that your posts give me a little boost every day. Thank you for sharing! It is appreciated

  3. I secretly hoped you'd change your mind…I didn't delete your blog link from my "blog love" aka daily reads page…just hoping…
    Breaks as needed are good. Your blog friends get that. Your happiness and well being are what really matters.
    Glad you've decided to stick around. Blogging isn't everything, but it's a good thing.

  4. thank goodness! the world needs your blog. it's soft and beautiful, polite and inviting. :)

  5. Oh, thank God! I was devastated when I read the last posting. If you can share what happened, we want to know so we can support you. But nevertheless, so glad you are back!!! You are such an important part of all of our days :)

  6. well, thank goodness for that! I did quit just recently myself but I still wonder around and comment. I know what you went through went you cut loose from the blog (be it for only a moment). I miss it dearly. Anyway, good that you're back just don't put too many expectations on yourself. It's a lovely blog.

  7. I was SO SAD. And hurt. That you would leave us all out here hanging, with no explanation. I know that's silly. You don't know me… but… I'm glad you are back. 😉

  8. Yay!! I'm glad you're here to stay! I was sad to see your post yesterday as I had just started reading your blog – keep up the great work!! I hope everything's going well in your life! :)

    Keep smiling!
    -Natalie Brooke

  9. I'm so sorry lauryl i didn't mean to leave you hanging!…i wish i could have explained things better…i know i've handled all this dismally…

  10. thank goodness! I couldn't believe it when I couldn't open your blog; I've been following you forever! Welcome back :) take it easy; I think you can see by now that your followers aren't going anywhere xxx

  11. Oh My! Just now that I found you and enjoy your blog so much.
    Well, glad I missed the drama. I seem to arrive always in the best parts.
    Don't close… put it on hold if and when you need to use your energies and time in other things but closing a blog is like growing a tree (with all the investment it demands) and then bringing it down because you don't feel like watering it for a day or two.
    Please, don't!!! I have no right, I know, but… just don't ok?!

  12. Oh I really, really hope you don't think I'm being dramatic when I say thank God for that…
    Yours is one of the very few blogs I read daily.
    You matter to me.x

  13. I fell really happy about your decision of continuing here =) Your blog helps me to breath in gray-days-without-glamour =) Thank you =D


  15. Come what may you will know their are people out
    their that you have never meet but for this blog you
    have brought a smile or a thought to what you wrote,
    so keep on blogging cause were here to look and
    enjoy what new tid bits that you have to tell us about.

  16. Thanks for coming back! I enjoy your posts – they usually make me feel content and serene. Cx

  17. ha ha just started following you and then you leave. this has made me smile today and i'm sick too.

  18. You're amazing, Tina. I respect any decision that you make and know if you're not spending your time doing this, you will be using your creativity to make other amazing things. Of course, selfishly I'd like for you to stay!!!

  19. Phew… I'm sooo relieved you changed your mind. I never comment but I've been a follower for a very long time and I always look forward to your links to great articles. I was devastated and kept checking back hoping it had just been a hacker or something =). But I'm very happy to have you back. Just take it easy, and if you need to take a break we can all understand that. Long live the English Muse!

  20. I'm so happy you're back, Tina. I was so sad when I saw yesterday that the blog was deleted. And so thrilled to see it back and running! xoxo

  21. Oh thank goodness. I was just going to alert Lori that her link wasn't going to work (she put one in to EM for her regular Buffet Thursday post). But I clicked & here you are. Back to Giulia Geranium & bricolage to put EM back in the links.




  22. Ah I'm so happy you decided to come back! Out of all of the blogs out there, this is my absolute favorite to read. You find the best internet treasures and find beauty in so many things. I'm so happy you are back to stay!

  23. PS I totally agree with the comments you should write a book. I love reading what you write!

  24. This is such a great news! I want to say you bring a lot to our lives with The English Muse and I hope you'll be able to post these little notes/inspiration/images and thoughts… Sending you warmth and all the very best :)

  25. Whew! I panicked when I just saw the announcement in my reader so am most relieved to see the follow up, Tina. I hope that things are going okay for you behind the scenes. As always, sending some happy thoughts your way! :)

  26. Tina, I'm sorry that you had been feeling the need to take down your wonderful site, but I am so glad that you have reconsidered. Welcome back–we're all so happy to see you again!

  27. Tina, I'm sorry that you had been feeling the need to take down your wonderful site, but I am so glad that you have reconsidered. Welcome back–we're all so happy to see you again!

  28. Please don't. De-lurking to say that I love your blog(hope I made the case stronger for you to stick on………)

  29. I don't visit very often, but I appreciate you. No matter what some people think, blogging people are real people. Sometimes though I wish we'd have each other's addresses and phone numbers, pour our thoughts on paper, or lift the receiver and pour our hearts to each other, or take the plane and share hugs.
    I am glad you are here.

  30. I got so worried when I saw you wanted to close down on my Google Reader. I'm so glad you've reconsidered. You're one of my favourite blogs – I'll definitely make more of an effort to comment more and not lurk as much now.



  31. I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago, so I was sad when you said you'd no longer be posting, although I understood. But now I'm glad you couldn't stay away.

    I love your blog, and I'm glad you're sticking around.


  32. I just popped in to read old posts for anything I may have missed over the years, and I discovered to my sheer delight and utter amazement that you had returned. Wishes do come true; I only hope that you are doing this not only for your devoted readers, but also for your own enjoyment. Thank you for reconsidering…your blog is truly inspirational and unique, and a pure joy to read.