The April issue of Matchbook Magazine is out and I’ve been poring over every page. There’s a wonderful story about Minnie Mortimer (her family is considered New York royalty.) She’s married to Oscar winning writer/director Stephen Gaghan, who did Syriana and Traffic.

Their Los Angeles home is amazing, but their library is beyond wonderful. It’s stylish, but in the way true bibliophiles’ collections are stylish–an arrangement that evokes both care for the books and their frequent use. Stacking is the tip-off!

(Photo from Matchbook Magazine.)


11 Comments on The Mortimer/Gaghan Library

  1. Glad you're not going away, I think you'd miss the outlet. I do miss all the old postings before you revamped. Isabella's videos, pets, vintage finds, photos, etc…

  2. This is the thing you love, I'm really really happy about your decision. Don't quit for anyone, anything. Love from İstanbul.

  3. I am so glad you are back. I missed you and even though we don't know each other from Adam, I felt super sad when your blog was gone. Now I am pleasantly surprised. Merci merci merci!

  4. If stacking is the tip-off, then I'm definitely a true bibliophile! My books don't fit unless stacked.