Ok, maybe he doesn’t weight quite 30 pounds. This big boy is officially 18 pounds.

We’re still working our way through stacks of boxes on the porch. And my husband and I are having an intense debate: He says we should go to Best Buy to get a new stove; I say we should buy a Wedgewood on Craigs List. Vintage stoves are so charming.

Until we get this settled, we’re all living on take out!

(Pictures of Shoes when he only weighed 12 pounds.)



13 Comments on 30-pound cat

  1. I'm reading this while sitting with a fat purring cat on my lap! Is he as big as Socks? Probably! I'm so glad Socks found a happy home with you.

  2. awww I love him! Love his cute little white paws. I know it's not PC but plump kitties are adorable.

    Good luck with the vintage stove!

  3. Awww, what an adorable big ball of fluff! Hahaha. Awww, once you're all settled into the new house and he goes off and explores the new neighbourhood, that weight will fall off him completely. :)



  4. What kind of beverages is that Dude drinking! lol

    I'm glad I'm not gonna have the vet lecture. Julie is a self-limiting eater. Don't know how I ended up w/that!

  5. haha…adore chubby pets!
    my vet gives me lecture all the time on my chubby happy pugs! i'm not giving them anymore croissants!

  6. I think he's still adorable!

    I really love the wedgewood stoves (like swooning and bookmarking the pictures right now love), but in terms of practicality, something with a warranty is usually pretty nice to have. That said, you could compromise with a vintage-styled but thoroughly modern stove. I've seen them around the internet. Good luck!

  7. Oh you're going to hate me! My new home (well, it's a historical home but it's new to me!) comes with one! I'm thinking of getting a Big Chill fridge to match it. I'd love your thoughts on how to decorate it!

  8. In my apartment I have a plain stove that has not held up to past cleanings- previously I had a very nice Thermador convection/gas range. For the long haul I'd go modern, as nice as I can afford. Amana? Gas, self cleaning? I loved my Amana fridge.

  9. My cat is huge too but I don't over feed him. In fact I feed him natural gluten free food! But, he was a stray with lots of muscle before I took him home. The moment he became domestic he blumped! Just like me. LOL!