I took this picture tonight on my way home from work. This young deer was out for a stroll a couple blocks away from our house. (It’s a little blurry on my iPhone!)

We moved to a community on the edge of the Angeles National Forest. It’s pretty common here to see deer, coyotes and black bears (!) walking down the street. A few years back, the town had to form a special squad to deal with all the bears coming down from the mountain late at night to swim in backyard pools and eat oranges and avocados.

Our neighbors warned us to keep our pets in after dark. I feel like I’m living in the wilderness!


22 Comments on Dear Deer

  1. Aw, how sweet! I recall a few years ago at my parents old house spotting a couple deer wandering the neighbourhood. It was quite a surprise to see them there! You hear about them "being out there", but you never expect them. Same with bears. They were out there, but fortunately no run ins for us. Hopefully you guys won't run into any either.

  2. Thank you!! I imagine he was going to someone's yard to eat roses….He's so cute, i wish i could have taken a better picture.

  3. That sounds like my hometown in Southern California. I miss it so much.

    Fritzi Marie

  4. How cool! I would love seeing animals like that in my backyard in the mornings :)

  5. So beautiful! Lucky you, all except for the coyotes and bears, oh my! haha.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  6. They're so cute, but destructive little things. I grew up in La Canada which is outside the Angeles National Forest years ago, we also had peacocks randomly walking about. If you left a door open, they would wander in!

  7. i saw a random Deer in my new garden just the other day! I've also just moved… from South Africa to Germany!* Enjoy the new habitat!