Jun 24, 2011

by English Muse

All I really want is a macaron. Pink please!

Maybe it’s time to plan a trip to Paris!?

(Photo by Alice Red Coat)


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18 Responses to “One of those days…”

  1. Kaysie says:

    Food is even better when it looks so dang pretty!

  2. Half-heard in the Stillness says:

    Such lovely colours!

  3. DENISE. says:

    If you can't make it to Paris soon, make sure to run over to Lette. I think their macarons are yummy! They are opening a new one on Larchmont soon if that's close than S. Beverly in BH.

  4. Luli says:

    Paris is always a good idea!(Sabrina from Sabrina, the version with Harrison Ford.)

  5. Jessie says:

    ALWAYS time to plan a trip to Paris methinks!xx

  6. Hazel Smith says:

    Yes plan a trip but plan on something other than the ubiquitous macaron. Paris has a thousand other delights.

  7. vanessa joie says:

    i am constantly planning trips to paris… but i'd settle for a macaron. i hope you're well. have a good weekend tina! xo

  8. Flapjack Melody says:

    So pretty & so delicious..!

    I found a local store that makes the most incredible macarons – they're just heaven!



  9. vicki archer says:

    Always time for a macaron….Have a lovely weekend….xv

  10. Amy Thomas says:

    Bien sur! When is it *not* the right time to book a trip to Paris?!

  11. Melanie's Randomness says:

    I still have never had a macaroon!!! I have to change that!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  12. Niki @ LQM&M says:

    Oh how yummy! Lovely photo too!

    I also, now fancy a macaroon!

    Niki @ LQM&M

  13. Cindy says:

    Pretty and tasty? My favorite combinations! Now my sweet tooth has taken over…

  14. Sum says:

    Macarons are total love. I want one now! And a French getaway sounds amazing!

  15. Ken Treloar says:


  16. Hannah J. Holmes says:

    pink macaroon sounds delicious 🙂

  17. notinthepink.com says:

    Ditto now. I miss Paris so much.



  18. Henri Loves Paris... says:

    I have just returned from 18 days in Paris and I am already thinking about when I can return! My favorite thing is the Parisian Cafe Creme…does anyone here in the States know how to reproduce this???
    I love the macaroons too…I purchased 7 from Pierre Herme for 17 euro and ate almost all of them in one sitting…not exactly the best use of my money or my tummy…;)

    Love, Henri

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