Maybe you’ve noticed — or not..:) I’ve been away a lot from this blog…Suddenly I have lots of obligations and much less free time…But I’m planning to be back to blogging on a regular basis here very soon!…

So please don’t hit the unsubscribe button! :)

(Photo by Miya Wichawa.)


16 Comments on Summer Hours

  1. I love when posts pop up in my google reader right when I've just finished reading all the rest and I'm looking for more…
    I would never hit unsubscribe! I love reading your posts too much, even when they're far apart. Hopefully you'll get some downtime soon. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Gorgeous picture : )

    We had such a lovely spring in the UK, hopeful for a good summer, but June has started terribly, rain and thunder.

    I am already a follower and look out for yout posts : )

  3. I feel the same way don't worry, sometimes, life get sin the way and blogging takes a back seat.

    Come over when you get a chance and enter my june giveaway, it's the cutest playsuit! :)

  4. omg, i love this photo! the latest one with roses – amazing!
    follow you

  5. never never would unsubscribe love. post as often or as little as you want ill still be here :) xo

  6. Summer has a way of speeding up time to a rapid pace. I feel the same way and would never unsubsricbe.

  7. Okay, well how nice will it be when your to do list is shorter? Ummm… very!

  8. I know how you feel. I'm blogging and commenting a lot less these days. Sometimes life gets in the way…and that's not all bad. :)

  9. I wondered what happened to you and I didn't want to unsubscribe. The thought made me sad.