Jul 15, 2011

by English Muse

Weekend To Do List


Avoid the 405 Freeway (This weekend is Carmageddon here in Los Angeles!)

In fact, avoid car travel all together.

Walk to the newsstand to pick up the weekend editions of the FT and the Wall Street Journal.

Stop by the coffee shop for an iced latte.

Walk to the market to pick up fresh greens, beets, and dried cranberries for a summer salad.

Have lunch on the back porch where the canyon breeze is the best.

Spend the afternoon reading in the hammock under the magnolia tree.

Take a nap.


Sleep In.

Make French Toast and coffee.

Read the Sunday New York Times.

Walk to the movie theatre to see Harry Potter.

*Spend the evening at the park, listening to live music.

What are you doing this weekend?

(Collage by Michaela Frame By Frame.)

PS: Here’s a very funny story about Carmageddon by one of my former LA Times colleagues.


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One Response to “Happy Weekend”

  1. Eda Wiggett says:

    I sleep on a hammoc, strung under a 20 climbing strap strung as a ridgeline for the pancho staked out to the corners. You might need some bedding, but the above fits in just about any two cargo pockets.

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