Sunbathing, reading pulp (Dracula in Love, by Karen Essex), planting the front garden. Be back soon!

(Photo by Yuli Sato.)


5 Comments on Lack of Posting…

  1. I like the reasons for your lack of posting much better than mine.
    Enjoy ~ I look forward to photos of the garden ..

  2. i'm curious to know what you think of dracula in love..i've been eyeing it, but don't want to waste $ on a sucky, romance novel…now, i have no problem throwing down some cash on an interesting, well written novel, whether it's romance or not..

    let us know!

  3. Please just enjoy your summer! Your loyal fans just love that you're still posting.

    And if you're taking requests…your roundups of the best things to read for the week (WSJ articles, etc) is fantastic and so well-edited. I know it's a semi-regular feature but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it!