We’ve had so many sleepovers at our house this summer…

The living room has become a crash pad for girls and animals.
It also happens to be the only room in our house with air conditioning…
Lately I’ve been thinking about sleeping outside in the hammock.


10 Comments on Sleeping in

  1. What darlings!

    The hammock sounds good.


    Susan & little Julie the cat (who would love to be there)

  2. Is that a schipperke puppy? I have an older model, with a tiny bit of salt and pepper beginning.

    Your armoire is gorgeous.

  3. I love hammocks. If I could choose how to die it would be in a hammock between two trees on a hot summer day with a light breeze with the leafy branches casting shadows dancing over me, listening to my favorite song after just imbibing my favorite wine.

    Sorry if that's a morbid thought!

    Just a Silhouette