I’ve given up my desk for a spot by the air conditioner!

Extreme heat requires extreme measures.

My sidekick, Lola, the black Pom.


20 Comments on Where I’m blogging from…

  1. Your house looks awfully nice and put-together considering how recently you moved! The pup is adorable, too.

  2. funny, you mentioned you live Matisse. :) love the color fun artsy vibe in your home.

    hi lola.

  3. LOL ! When I saw the first photo, I thought you had a black cat. Lola, I love the name and I think I love her too !
    besitos, C

  4. I SO enjoy reading your blog!
    Your friend sounds wonderful and your house is beautiful!

  5. your living room looks so cozy. i can see why you and doggie and everyone else are camping out in there!


  6. Thank you so much!! Most of the paintings were done by my dad, which makes them extra special to me…They've brought so much color to every place i've lived…

  7. What a fabulous idea for a little table to rest your laptop on when not in use! It's small, convenient, doesn't take up much space, and pretty.

  8. same as You I need a place to blog in peace and with imagination…summer won't help so much but yes air conticioning will help a lot…
    have a nice summer dear friend!