Audrey Niffenegger is not only a wonderful writer (I loved “Her Fearful Symmetry”), she’s also a compelling illustrator. After Penguin Classic’s success with Ruben Toledo’s take on “Pride and Prejudice,” the publishing house turned to Niffengger to re-imagine the covers of “Persuasion” and “Sense and Sensibility.”
Here are the results — an entwined Anne Elliot and a tempest in a teacup:

The Niffenegger edition of “Persuasion” is available now. “Sense and Sensibility” will be released in October, in celebration of the book’s 200th anniversary.

No word on whether Niffenegger will illustrate anymore Austen novels.
I’d love to see her interpretation of “Emma”!



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  1. audrey niffineggar’s time traveler’s wife is still my favorite book ever!her fearful symmetry was equally smart! love her illustrations! they’re so tim burton-esque!


  2. These illustrations are fantastic! I love Niffenegger’s stories and art. I always love searching for the connections between art of the painting/illustrating/etc. variety and the art of writing–Niffenegger really carries that connection forward in beautiful ways.

  3. After seeing Sense and Sensibility cover I also wonder how she would do Emma’s…

    Don’t you love when artists have all these artistic layers? – writer, illustrator (sometimes dancers, painters) – as if their escape from the main-job-hobby still runs in the artistic path of life.

    We could add wit to her merits too.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  4. i love these covers, i think sometimes people are put off classics when they have cover art that makes them look like school books. hopefully this fresh new illustrations will inspire and encourage more people to pick up austen


  5. I LOVE Niffenegger’s work: was lucky enough to see her at a literary festival last year. Left feeling like I really wanted to sit down and talk to her for hours over coffee. And that I should move to her town just in case she ever does open the bookshop she talked about. But that could probably be counted as stalking, albeit in a literary way.
    Now following you on twitter by the way, got my stuff together sooner than I expected!

  6. I’m really loving these covers, especially the “Persuasion” one! “Persuasion” is one of my favorite novels by Austen, though most people think it’s one of her weaker works. I think Rupert Penry Jones totally sold me on the character of Captain Wentworth. I imagine him every time I read the book.

  7. Persuasion is my favorite JA novel. I feel like I can relate. Have you seen any of the adaptations? They are all wonderful and each Captain Wentworth is more delicious than the last. Sigh.

  8. With the time wives it’s kinda true oops. My next review will not have aynnhitg to do with romance or time travel, I promise! Hope you enjoy the book. If you saw the movie, you have some idea of what happens, but the book is much more fleshed out and real , in my opinion.