Aug 15, 2011

by English Muse

Dottie Angel

Katie Haddox

Fiona Watson

love you pillows 1 & 2

Souk@Sat Exclusives
{Jewelry & Wall Wear }

I really want to learn how to do embroidery. It’s my next craft pursuit!


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12 Responses to “Monday Inspiration: Stitched”

  1. Cassie says:

    Yes! These photos are so inspiring!

  2. Candice says:

    My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was about 5 years old.
    I have always done it and enjoyed it, so I will encourage you to go buy some thread and start. It is really easy and soothing if your nerves need a little quieting.
    I love those pillow cases ! I might have to copy that 🙂
    besos, C

  3. Jess Lucas says:

    This is my next big craft project too! 🙂 Autumn is always a good time to start!
    Jess x

  4. Ion says:

    These photos are so wonderful!!! I am learning to knit right now and once I have moved on a little emboidery will be my next project!

    P.S. Love your blog!

  5. laurie b says:

    oh, embroidery is so fun! it is like meditating, really. and the best thing is you can do it anywhere – on road trips (if you aren’t driving!), on airplanes, and during very boring meetings. i love the photos you posted and am itching to pick up a needle.

  6. melissa says:

    i love every single picture! i want to learn too! 🙂

  7. Maria Speidel says:

    I agree with Candice. Might have to copy those pillow cases.

    I learned to embroider while a Girl Scout in the seventies. The pin cushion I made for my badge is still among my favorite juvenilia. One of the moms in the troop taught us. She was very talented, had a beautifully decorated house and the whole experience of going to her house, seeing her work and learning this new skill was very inspiring. We used crewel-work wool yarn on coarse linen. I did a smiling sun, heavily influenced by some of the popular advertising motifs of the day. It sits on my dressing table today.

  8. Mandy says:

    Where did u get all this beautiful photo ?

  9. L says:

    Hi, those are my pillowcases 🙂 The design is from Lazy May and the pattern is free. Link on my Flickr page.

  10. Tina says:

    oh wow! how exciting!! they’re beautiful!

  11. L says:

    Thank you very much :0)

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