It’s my favorite form of social media! I’ve completely neglected Twitter and Facebook.

Photos above from my August Archive, with credits.

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5 Comments on My Tumblr Obsession Continues Unabated

  1. i know!!!!!!! well i don’t really b/c i have been stumbling on my phone which i don’t think is quite as good… i’m afraid i will get sucked in if i do it properly on my netbook. your pic is gorgeous.. lovely pinks!!!

  2. Me, too! I haven’t looked back since I’ve started tumbling. I love all the pictures on your tumblr, especially the ones with vintage stuff.

  3. I know exactly what you mean as I am a tumblr freak myself. =) I currently have two tumblrs, my personal one, which you already follow to my complete delight, and another one I recently started about stylish people in pre-revolution Cuba. Your tumblr is absolutely fantastic. Keep sharing!!