Sep 11, 2011

by English Muse

Collective Memory - Bryant Park - September 9, 2011 - 00076

Keep peace in your heart.

(CREDITS: New York Magazine, Extra Credit Projects, Byrant Park Collective Memory Project.)


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9 Responses to “9/11”

  1. brian says:

    that is very cool….

  2. suse says:

    an elegant post, thanks

  3. elizabeth says:

    Hard to believe it has been ten years. Beautiful ‘reflect’ photograph.

    keeping peace in my heart,

  4. Grady Pruitt says:

    I love how the towers reflect in the water. Great pic.

  5. Oh wow, that second photo gave me chills! Thanks for honoring the memory of this day.

  6. John says:

    I remember the time when it was hit by an airplane and I was just like surprised and shocked of what had happened and it seems that it is hard to believe it has been ten years now. I have to say that it is a very good shot in memory of the tower.

  7. excellent post, ms. t. thanks for marking this dreadful anniversary with such a (typically) gracious post.

  8. Tina says:

    Thank you love! What a hard day…Still hurts like it was yesterday.

  9. Susan says:

    Those in Washington & Pennsylvania deserve a mention, too.

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