Happy Friday everyone…Like half the world, I’m completely addicted to Instagram.
Here’s a list of five photographers definitely worth following:

#1 Calivintage
This California fashionista always has interesting takes on her locales, whether it’s the Golden Gate Bridge, a used bookstore, or backstage at New York Fashion Week.

#2 Taza
Best known for her blog Rockstar Diaries, Taza brings her eye for the charming and cute to the small screen. Expect lots of photos of Kingsley the dog and baby Eleanor.

#3 Bec Winnel
The big sis to Liss Winnel of Daydream Lily, Bec is a noted artist in Australia. Her Instagrams feature her artwork and the things that inspire her. That beautiful, etherial sensibility runs in the family!

#4 The Original 10 Cent
Lori Andrews of the blog The 10 Cent Designer is on the cutting edge of a new genre, the fashion gram.
I always love to see what she’s wearing.

#5 Sandra Juto
Sandra is a Swedish artist living in Berlin. She captures the city so beautifully in her Instagram photos. She’s also an avid knitter/crocheter and has become known for her charming “wrist worms.”
I think she’s amazing!

Who are your favorite Instagram photographers?


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