Sep 09, 2011

by English Muse

the Sea of Pink

Hello loves, Happy Friday.

Some interesting items on the Internet today:

Keira Knightly is set to play Anna Karenia in a new film version of the classic book.
Jude Law will play her husband.

“If you love your books, let them go:” a worldwide book-sharing project.

Photos from Fashion’s Night Out (Justin Bieber sang at D&G?)

Alexa Chung on the October cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK


Tips for Staying Inspired

Have a lovely day…I’ll be back later!

(Photo by Paul Octavious)


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5 Responses to “Friday Media Bits”

  1. Micaela says:

    Ohh I had no idea that there was going to be a film version of Anna Karenina. Keira Knightley is so perfect for the role.


  2. Luli says:

    I am not letting my books go! o:)

  3. sécia says:

    Oh, thanks for the movie news. 🙂

    ♥ sécia

  4. gracey says:

    what a list of shared goodies. 🙂
    im a fan of keira, good for her!

  5. missy says:

    No no no…. haha. I know I’m probably in the minority here, but whyyyy must they make a Hollywood film of Anna Karenina. They could never do it justice. Leave it be.

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