It’s Labor Day weekend…

Last chance to wear your white shoes!
(Does anyone really believe that?)

Have a wonderful holiday, taking all those Instagrams!…

La Menthe Savoy

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments this week on my blog, especially on the contemporary books post. You guys are amazing. Very glad you’re here.

(PHOTOS by: Fine Tuning, Este Pequeño Corazón, and Amy Longberry.)


27 Comments on Happy Weekend!

  1. so funny – my mom always talked about wearing white only during the time between memorial day and labor day! thanks for bringing back a memory. :-)

  2. I know! My mom too! It was like some giant fashion crime! Now I live in LA where people wear flip-flops year i guess it doesn’t matter…

    have a nice weekend!

  3. Being a brit, I don’t know why you can’t wear white shoes after this weekend but I tend to prefer red ones anyway. Currently trying to figure out how to work my new pair into absolutely every outfit – all good so far!

  4. See, this is why i never get any sleep…it’s 1 am in LA and I just read your comment…heading over to your blog now to see photos of red shoes!

  5. Have a great weekend Tina and ladies!!
    Going to Frenchtown NJ today for the riverfest
    I will stop by Elizabeth Gilbert’s shop “two bottons” and pick up a trinket or two..
    Should be fun.

  6. Hi! It is an unwritten (or perhaps it is written somewhere) that white shall not be worn after Labor Day. Of course, we know that if done the right way, we can still pull it off after Labor Day.

  7. Yes, it’s fall. Although it’s never really fall in Los Angeles. We just have spring and summer mixed with weeks of rain.

  8. Did you have a nice weekend? I wear white year round, including white shoes. The no white after Labor Day is a bit outdated, methinks…

  9. Opium incense and a small wood carved hand in a mudra pose (I’m a yogini so anything yoga related has my attention).