My plans: reading…sleeping…reading…sleeping…reading…

What about you?

(Photo by Stefany Alves.)


14 Comments on Happy Weekend!

  1. The same as you, Tina. I’m also helping my grandparents with some home maintenance and playing with my aunt’s new litter of puppies. I haven’t seen my extended family in over a year, so it will be a fun little reunion. Have a good one! xx

  2. your blog is a real treasure! special post-topics, beautiful pictures and always a perfect length of the post. I’m happy to have found that.

    today I’m going to a film festival and on sunday also sleep-reading.
    happy weekend

  3. Reading, certainly and some sleeping. But also eating cake and planting some pretty green things I purchased from the nursery.

    I hope everyone’s weekend is going well :)