flickr fridays : coffee!

Well why not?

Some outlets here (with the exception of Starbucks) are giving away free coffee today because, somehow, Sept. 29 has been declared National Coffee Day in the US.

Out of fairness, I think we should have a National Tea Day as well. Don’t you?

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14 Comments on National Coffee Day?

  1. I’d like a free cup of tea day. Black unsweetened iced tea is my drink of choice. I’m not a coffee drinker (I never liked the taste of it.) However, I’m very much for free coffee ice cream day!

  2. I’m so addicted to coffee! Happy coffee day to you! 😀
    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  3. I totally agree. I love the smell of coffee but not the taste. However, I’m addicted to tea (must be good quality and made in a teapot) and get withdrawl symptoms if I can’t have my usual quota of daily cups.

  4. I drank two cups before I even heard that today was National Coffee Day. It’s quite appropriate since, the US is one of the largest consumers of coffee.

  5. Oh lord, every day is Coffee Day for me. Good thing I didn’t know about this ahead of time or else I would be bouncing off the walls right now

  6. I vote for National Tea Day, too! Ah,I hope my best friend, who’s birthday falls on the 29th, got a good cup of coffee to start her special day.