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I Capture the Castle

1st Option, the premiere UK property management firm for filming and photography, recently added a Gloucestershire castle to its portfolio of amazing properties. All photos of old castles immediately make me think of the book “I Capture the Castle,” by Dodie Smith. Have a look: I love the white walls and the stained-glass windowpanes! MORE […]

Happy Halloween!

What are you dressing up as? I’m just answering the door, which means I’ll be dressed up as a girl in sweats! Photos by HoneyPie Living, Mafalda26 and Anne Symons, buttonheart, HoneyPie Living.

A Weekend in Fall Happy Weekend! What are you doing this weekend? As usual, I’m reading and sleeping… Photos by toi ♥, Madison Lee Killough and Xavier Encinas.

English Muse Necklace Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Pick one of these lovely pieces from Anthropologie: Leave a comment on which one you want! Winner will be chosen MONDAY! xo UPDATE: The winner is #41: G!

Popular Search Terms

Occasionally I like to see what sort of Google search terms lead people to my blog. Here’s a little snapshot of the search words that turned up recently on my sitemeter: And here are the corresponding posts: Audrey Umbrellas, Sofia Coppola Stye Desk, New Lula Magazine, JLo Dresses, “I love Kate Spade,”  Charlotte de la […]

What magazines & newspapers are you reading?

I love to go to the newsstand every Saturday and pick up the weekend editions of the FT and the Wall Street Journal. (I especially love the WSJ’s Off Duty section!) While I’m there I usually get a couple magazines. This week I picked up filmcomment, published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and […]

Magical Moving Photo

I love GIFS. I collect them on Tumblr, actually. This one is AMAZING! One of my favorites so far! A vintage view of the London skyline. (Via A White Blank Page and a Swelling Rage.)

Survey Results: What’s your style?

The other day I put up a survey after posting an illustration called “Things Hipsters Like.” The question was: Are you a hipster? If not, what are you? Here are the results: So many people answered “other,” I think I need to run another survey! What’s your style, again?

A Tiny Comfy Cottage

This sweet little cottage is located on an estate in southern England. I imagine it had another use at some point, maybe as a gardening shed? The owners have turned it into the perfect little retreat, complete with wood-burning stove, a desk and a comfy couch. It would be lovely to spend a cool fall […]

Friday Giveaway: Colorful Clothbound Books {CLOSED}

(Photos via             The winner is: ANNA!

The Best Medicine

I think I caught a cold when I was out-on-the town over the weekend! Now it’s chamomile and chicken soup for me, alas. Off to curl up in a quilt and read… What’s your favorite cold remedy? Illustration via Observando. Gif via Just Another Indie Geek.

A Charming Gothenburg Flat

I love this lovely, bright loft in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s so cheerful and charming. My favorite detail: the ladder in use as a bookshelf! Via Alvhem Makleri.

What do you need more of?

Today I need a little more sleep! I’m fighting off a cold! (Illustration via Ubeu lifestyle.)

What are you reading?

I just picked up “The Best American Travel Writing 2011.” Sloane Crosley (author of “I was told there’d be cake”) is the editor of this edition. I’m living vicariously at the moment through other people’s journeys to faraway lands. Looking forward to reading Maureen Dowd’s piece, “A Girls Guide to Saudi Arabia.” What are you […]

Monday’s Giveaway: A Collector’s Tea Cup {CLOSED}

A very special giveaway: a lovely teacup with polkadots and butterflies, new from Anthropologie! What sort of tea would you like to sip from this cup? Leave a message! Winner will be chosen on Tuesday! The winner is: Shooting Stars Mag.

Literary Landscapes

Lovely paintings by New York artist Stanford Kay. He explains: “Books as images within these paintings offer formal modernist possibilities while also serving as an embodiment of content. Both paintings and books are vessels for ideas, experience and memory. The books we read and the paintings we love and choose to live with, define us. A book requires the reader to assemble images and ideas out of its […]

A Re-imagined Gatsby Opening Movie Sequence

The Great Gatsby from V Tzaj on Vimeo. A very cool video created by graphic designer and motionographer Virgilio Tzaj. He says: “Taking my love for this amazing story and pairing it with my love of typography, I made an opening title sequence. It was a labor of love and one of my proudest works.”

Happy Weekend!

I’m digging out my party dress! That’s right! What about you? (Photos by Rodney Smith.)

Thursday Morning Media Bits

A curated list of must-reads from around the Internet: The Unhappy Hipsters write a book. The rise of the Man Purse, baby! Prada and Schiaparelli at The Met. Hang onto your little notebooks. Aaron Sorkin on his unexpected friendship with Steve Jobs. National Book Award Finalists: Free Book Samples! eBooks don’t spell the end of […]

Giveaway: Colorful Penguin Classics {CLOSED}

PICK THREE!!! The Penguin classics covers just get better and better! I LOVE the ones by Ruben Toledo. Which ones do you want? Pick three and leave a message. More on the Penguin page! Winner will be chosen Friday SATURDAY. And the winner is: NINA!

Things Hipsters Like

This fantastic illustration — Things Hipsters Like by Jenni Sparks — is starting to make the rounds on Tumblr. I like 50 percent of these things, so I guess I’m not really a hipster. So what am I? What are you? Take the poll! [poll id=”1″] Illustration via Hey Oscar Wilde!

Just Kids: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

This isn’t exactly the sort of photo I usually post on my blog but I couldn’t resist. It’s really wonderful. It’s a picture of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, like 20 years ago, at a conference. Jobs looks healthy and robust, with his glossy black hair. And Gates…dare I said it? Doesn’t he look a […]

Autumn Reading Suggestions Wanted!

Do you have specific book that you read every Autumn? I have books that I read in Summer (I Capture the Castle, for example) and in Winter (A Moveable Feast, always), but I need a good Fall book. Any suggestions? Thank you! Photo credits: Hildagrahnat and Rachael Hyde.

Closet Visit Blog and Film

Have you seen the blog Closet Visit? It was created by photographer Jeana Sohn and it features the most stylish women (and their closets) in Los Angeles. It’s one of my favorite fashion sites! Five months ago, Jeana teamed up with fellow creative Claire Cottrell to produce Closet Visit film no.1 STELLA. And now, for […]

New Yorker cover dedicated to Steve Jobs

On the cover of the latest issue of The New Yorker: An angel at the gates of heaven checking the list on an iPad. Brilliant. (Via LA Observed.)

Beauty in Protest?

Adbusters: Occupy Wall Street

Have you been following the Occupy Wall Street movement? Do you agree with the protestors? (I’m taking a little survey to get your thoughts!) The movement in photos.

Happy Weekend

Have a lovely, restful weekend!! Photo credits: Stas Kulesh, Jean-Baptiste Sinniger, JuneLi, Liivia.

Three women activists win Nobel Peace Prize

Just announced: Three women, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf — Africa’s first elected female president — and her compatriots, peace activist Leymah Gbowee and Tawakul Karman of Yemen, a pro-democracy campaigner, have won the Nobel Peace Prize! These extraordinary women have all helped spread the message of non-violence throughout the world. Most of the recipients […]

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