The Great Gatsby from V Tzaj on Vimeo.

A very cool video created by graphic designer and motionographer Virgilio Tzaj. He says: “Taking my love for this amazing story and pairing it with my love of typography, I made an opening title sequence. It was a labor of love and one of my proudest works.”


10 Comments on A Re-imagined Gatsby Opening Movie Sequence

  1. So lovely made! 😀 I’m so excited to read this book in class!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. I must admit i haven’t watched the movie for the longest time, and it does seem kind of topical!….but how is that silky smooth rendition of ‘blue moon’…. gosh!…golly gosh even! ….those first few notes , just pure silk! Thank you for your impeccable taste once again Tina! <3

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