I love this lovely, bright loft in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s so cheerful and charming.
My favorite detail: the ladder in use as a bookshelf!

Via Alvhem Makleri.


6 Comments on A Charming Gothenburg Flat

  1. My best friend lives in Gothenburg! I’ve never seen her house, because I met her in Australia. From now on, I’m going to pretend this is where she lives. Great post! xxx

  2. That apartment is beautiful and I’d have to say not a place a man lives in. It’s too pretty and tidy to have a man there! This is how I would imagine my ‘girlie’ apartment to look like if I was single :)
    I love the lampshade above the bed, that would look perfect in my house. The ladder is a fantastic idea, although I’d need a few of them :/