Pick one of these lovely pieces from Anthropologie:

Leave a comment on which one you want! Winner will be chosen MONDAY!

UPDATE: The winner is #41: G!


228 Comments on English Muse Necklace Giveaway! {CLOSED}

  1. I have a really long neck so long droopy necklaces make me look like a giraffe. It is so hard to find the short large stone necklaces any more that look nice on us long necked ladies. I would love to wear that Boho Chic necklace (the first one).

  2. Can I be cheeky…? I love both Boho Chic and Delicate Strands….but if I had to have only one as my dessert island choice it would be……Delicate Strands – simple, chic and would go with everything! xxx

  3. Love the boho chic! Not only do I adore the colours plum and jade together but this necklace would work well with my usual outfit style i.e. a simple dress plus one eye-catching accessory.

  4. NO matter how much I try to pretend that I’m not a total Boho Chic, I’m immediately drawn to that necklace. I can’t help it! They are all beautiful pieces!

  5. O wow, Delicate Strands is beautiful! Wish i had that. Would wear it with new with 20’s dress and some old, black, hollywood pumps.


  6. Oh! Delicate Strands would fulfill my dream of dressing like Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey, but Boho Chic calls to my geek chic side. If I’m lucky enough to win, could you flip a coin?

  7. I love them ALL. You have a lot of giveaways by the way, not complaining here :D. The first one is my favourite though, the colors look great together.

  8. Their all so beautiful but Delicate Strands really caught my eyes 😀

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  9. They are awesome (as are a lot of the other necklaces on their site – the Alex&Lee designs are fab!!!). I love the Boho Chic – that’s making a statement!!!

  10. I love the delicate strands…I find simplicity and the unexpected so elegant, and these are simply gorgeous!

  11. Boho for me! I soo love anything Anthropologie but postage to Oz is horrendous so its not often I purchase!

  12. All of them are really awesome, but Boho Chic drives me crazy because of the fantastic mix of colours! You always have such great giveaways! I love your blog :)

    Regards from Spain 😉

  13. loving the boho chic….goes with jeans to lbd and everything between…would love for it to join my world!

  14. I have enjoyed your blog so much and I really don’t like blogs all that much! My choice would be “delicate strands”. I tend to gravitate towards the delicate.

  15. I love love love the boho chic necklace. I already have the outfit picked out in my head. The colorful crystals is CLOSE second pick. Very simple but can add a dash of color. :)

  16. Certainly three very different options but all just as lovely. If I had to choose I would pick Colourful crystals. Good luck to everyone!

  17. They are all beautiful, but I would choose Delicate Strands…it’s so lovely in a very simple, understated way.

  18. These are all luscious but, if I had to choose, it would be the crystals!

    Have a super weekend!


  19. What an awesome give-away! I would absolutely love to win the “Delicate Strands.” It’s both sophisticated and a little quirky with the green tassel and purple cord, and I might not ever take it off.

  20. Just love Colorful Crystals – would wear it to honor my wonderful relationship between me and my two daughters…the color of the crystals means:
    Red for mom – courage
    Violet for Amy – purpose
    Orange for Kate – curiosity

    A very special combination.

  21. I love anthropologie!!! The boho chic is m absolute favorite! It has so much character and i want it more than anything!!!

  22. Boho Chic – that’s me all the way.
    Oh how I wish Anthropologie would open a store in Australia!
    There’s shopping on line, but it’s just not the same.

  23. The colorful crystals reminds me of when I was little, when I was (and wasn’t) allowed to play with my grandmothers jewellery box. Happy memories that is, and a very pretty necklace.

  24. Boho Chic is just perfect. Just the right combination of colors and textures, so lovely! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  25. Would love the Delicate Strands for my ex. It kind of reminded me how our lives were connected and how often we focus on complexity of our relationship than its delicateness.

    Ah, Saint-Exupéry was right: what’s essential is invisible to the eye.

  26. They are all so beautiful but Delicate Strands is the one that speaks to my heart!! I would love to own an Anthropologie necklace. Thanks for the opportunity!! I love your blog–it’s always so interesting!!

  27. I am in love with the last (delicate strands) – such a pretty necklace that is both simple yet really eye-catching!

  28. I’m torn between the first and third choices, but I’ll go with delicate strands. My wardrobe is missing a necklace like that!

  29. Oh my goodness. The Boho Chic is to die for. Thanks for the incredible giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com