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199 Comments on Friday Giveaway: Colorful Clothbound Books {CLOSED}

  1. Middlemarch comes off on your fingers.

    Great Expectations and Picture of Dorian Gray because I need to complete the set of the ones that are most likely to rub off.

  2. These are lovely! I’d like The Sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint because I need to cath up on them and gather some bon mots from among the pages–and Middlemarch because ever since “Zen” aired on PBS, I’ve been on a Rufus Sewell binge…

  3. Wuthering Heights and the Woman in White, I think.
    WH because my old copy has actually disintegrated.
    WiW because I’ve been meaning to read it for, oh, six years now.

  4. Oh I have been wishing for these!!

    I would love Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, I think.

    Hard to choose, though – I also want Emma! Augh.

    But they’re so pretty! (Thanks for the opportunity to win them!)

  5. So beautiful! You always have such great giveaways! I would enjoy Pride and Prejudice and A Tale of Two Cities!

  6. Definitely Jane Eyre and Sense and Sensibility, as they are my two favorites from that list. I’ve been ogling these books for months now.

  7. Emma and the Hound of the Baskervilles!!
    I had a hard time with this. . . so tricky. Something I’ve read or something I want to read? I went with want! 😉

  8. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Sense and Sensibility:) I love your blog and read it everyday!!! Thank you for the splendid giveaway<3 hey…that rhymed;)

  9. What a lovely idea for a giveaway! I love so many of these titles, but I have to say I would choose The Woman in White and Lady Chatterley’s Lover

  10. I have been drooling after these books since I first laid eyes upon them. I would love to add these editions of Wuthering Heights and The Sonnets & a Lover’s Complaint to my shelves. It would be nice to be able to replace my well loved paperback copies.
    Thank you for hostessing the contest!

  11. “Alice’s adventures in Wounderland” (one of my favourite stories!) and “a cristmas carol and other christmas writings” (since christmas is right around the corner.) ♥

  12. Fantastic giveaway! I’ve been in love with these Coralie Bickford-Smith designs since they first began issuing them. Can you put me down for Dracula and A Tale of Two Cities, please? Thanks, Tina!

    P.S. I hope you’re feeling better.

  13. Your giveaways are always so lovely! I would be delighted to have The Picture of Dorian Gray and Treasure Island.

  14. Caroline Bickford-Smith designs the most beautiful books!

    I would adore a copy of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Madame Bovary *__*

  15. Wow this is so generous of you ! I’d like to own Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility (how surprising)

    I hope you’re doing great dear Tina.


  16. these are so gorgeous! I would choose The Hound of the Baskervilles (I absolutely love Sherlock Holmes) and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


  17. Tess of the d’Urbervilles and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. They’re great novels and the Clothbound ones look lovely.

    Thank you!

  18. The Woman in White and Lady Chatterley’s Lover (though it was a toss up with Cranford)… after all, I have to aim for the books that I have yet to read!


  19. I have been thinking of adding books in my Christmas Night Tablescape decor so “A Christmas Carol” and Other Christmas Writings” would go great.
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. You have the BEST giveaways! I have a few of these already but the rest disappeared from the shelves before I could complete the collection, so I would have to choose Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Picture of Dorian Grey. Fingers crossed! :)

  21. Another wonderful giveaway! And I’ve had my eye on these clothbound books for some time now. I’d like “The Sonnets and a Lover’s complaint” and “Jane Eyre”.

  22. I love these books so much! My choice would be Jane Eyre and Little Women. Thanks for all your great posts!

  23. Oh wow…this is so lovely. I’d have to go for the two I keep on meaning to read but don’t as I don’t have copies! The Sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint, and The Odyssey. Xxx

  24. I love these editions so very much. When budget and space allow, I’m going to fill my bookshelves with them…Sense and Sensibility is my favorite, both for its colors and for the novel itself.

  25. This is like trying to pick one’s favorite child, so my two at random choices are “Great Expectations” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

  26. Emma and Sense and Sensibility. My favorite novels! I did a summer in Oxford and took the Jane Austen course. Best homework ever!

  27. i would looove to win emma and sense and sensibility. the covers are so pretty! i’d switch these prettified versions out with my current dogeared paperbacks and donate those to the library.

  28. How you just keep having spectacular giveaways!!! Love it – very addicting, haha..

    Well, I would choose ‘The Sonnets and A lover’s complaint’ and ‘Alice’s adventures in Wonderland’.

    You can never have too many editions of those.. :)

  29. These books are so beautiful, I look them over every time I go into my local bookstore. I pick Pride & Prejudice and a Picture of Dorian Gray, please!

  30. I’m completely in love with them and have been slowly but surely buying a few when i have the money. What a wonderful giveaway!!! I would love to win a copy of A Tale of Two Cities and Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Thank you!

  31. My bookshelf informed me that The Inferno and Dracula would be lovely additions and that it would make her two steps closer to becoming whole.

  32. I adore these books to no end! I have Wuthering Heights and its gorgeous! I’d love to have Jane Eyre and The Picture of Dorian Grey!

  33. Owning a Coralie clothbound is like owning a work of art. So beautiful. I’d love to have “The Picture of Dorian Grey” and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Your giveaways are the best.

  34. I love these books! I saw them at Barnes and Noble recently, I had to refrain myself from purchasing all of them, they are just so cute!
    I think I would like Great Expectations and Jane Eyre

  35. These are just so beautiful! After much deliberation I would love to win Pride and Prejudice and Dorian Gray.
    Thank you for this lovely give away!

  36. oh boy oh boy,
    jane eyre (showed me strength) and alice’s adventures in wonderland (nonsense rules 😉 )
    greets from Lisbon, love your blog!*

  37. all the books are wonderful…and the covers are lovely…
    the odyssey and great expectations are my choices…
    thanks for all the great postings..xonv

  38. Oh wow I love these books and already have two (Wuthering Heights and A Picture of Dorian Grey). They were gifts from my boyfriend and I would love to add another two to my collection (pretty please)!
    I would have to choose….um….Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Woman in White.
    Why those two? Because they have been on my wish list for a long time and I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t gotten around to buying them :/
    Thanks for the chance of owning some lovely new books!

  39. Hi,

    So may choices, I would love Jane Eyre and Little Woman, I look forward to receiving your English Muse in my inbox.
    margo from Vancouver Island

  40. To echo what others have said above. . .

    a) Love these books

    B) Find it difficult to make a choice. . . .

    But if I absolutely had to it would Tale of Two Cities and Middlemarch.

    Thanks for having such a cool giveaway. . . I know I’ll win one of these days!


  41. what beautiful books!

    pride and prejudice, jane eyre and wuthering heights are most definitely my favs.

  42. Love these giveaways! I would love to get my hands on Cranford, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility! Please! Please! Please!

  43. What gorgeous covers—you’ve got splendid taste. Very hard to choose only two, though. Treasure Isand and The Sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint or The Odyssey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  44. Eeep! …tough choice! Thanks for doing this lovely giveaway :)))

    Um…Um… I think Dracula and Wuthering Heights :))

    Have a fantastic weekend! 😀

  45. Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities!
    I’m so in love with books, this would be a miraculous addition to my library :)

  46. I absolutely ADORE these editions!

    I choose Hound of the Baskervilles and Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

    Thank you so much for the chance! Your giveaways are always the best!


  47. I’d pick Gulliver’s travels and Jane Eyre.
    Why ? Because I am a traveller, whether it is in my mind or with real travels. And Jane Eyre, because it is an English classic and as a French, it would be a good start to have an insight on English literature.
    Every time I go to Anthropologie, my eyes directly go on those beautiful books but as a recent graduate, I’ll have to wait for my 1st salary to be able to afford it! Or, if i’m being optimistic, i’ll hopefully be the lucky winner :)

  48. Awesome contest! My copy of JANE EYRE has travelled all over North America with me. GREAT EXPECTATIONS and WUTHERING HEIGHTS would be wonderful additions to my library.

  49. I already have this edition of Jane Eyre so I would love to put Wuthering Heights by its side. And, because I am already getting in the Christmas spirit, I would really like A Christmas Carol too :)

  50. The book covers are so pretty I love them all! I am really liking the cover on Emma and The Odyssey….but its so hard to choose!

  51. Oh of course it must be Dracula and Wuthering Heights! I’ve got Pride and Prejudice and Alice in Wonderland already. Aren’t these books delightful?

  52. 😀 A tale in two cities and Alice’s adventures in wonderland!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  53. What a fun giveaway! I imagine that when I am rich & famous I will own all of these beautiful clothbound classics. My favorites are: Little Women and Pride & Prejudice.

  54. I love cloth bound books and have started my niece a collection. Treasure Island and Little Women would be my choice of books – two of my favourites from childhood.

  55. It’s got to be Wuthering Heights & Oliver Twist.
    I read Wuthering Heights on my Kindle which just seems wrong – how nice it would be to have a really beautiful copy.

    Oliver Twist I’ve only ever seen the film (which I think I know by heart) – it’s about time I read the book!

    It was a tough call between Oliver & A Picture of Dorian Gray but I do have a very VERY old battered paperback that was my mums – it’s irreplaceable.

    Fingers crossed :)

  56. AHH I love these books, I’d love to win some for my collection – here are my picks: Sense and Sensibility & The Picture of Dorian Gray!! Good luck everyone, lovely giveaway! (: Keep smiling!

  57. I love these books! But they are so hard to find now! I would love to have Wuthering Heights and Sense & Sensibility sitting next to my copy of Jane Eyre.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  58. Beautiful editions! I’d have to go for Wuthering Heights and The Woman in White – two favorites that I don’t own for some reason!

    Just found your blog today btw, and I love it:)