1st Option, the premiere UK property management firm for filming and photography, recently added a Gloucestershire castle to its portfolio of amazing properties. All photos of old castles immediately make me think of the book “I Capture the Castle,” by Dodie Smith. Have a look:

I love the white walls and the stained-glass windowpanes!


All this just fuels my castle obsession. My ancestors owned a castle called Owlpen near Bath, England, for four centuries. The family lost the house in 1815 when Thomas Daunt VII nearly burned the place down while practicing witchcraft. (Sorcery seemed to be a family hobby through out the centuries.) The family also owned Kilcascan castle in Cork County, Ireland. If I ever win the lottery, I really want to buy it!


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  1. That is one of my all-time favourite books, so much so that I blogged about it last week, too! And this is a GLORIOUS castle. A little less run-down than I imagine from I Capture the Castle, in fact very lovely and liveable indeed (hint hint, lotto).

  2. “I capture the castle” is my go-to book whenever I feel low. While I like how cleaned up this castle is, I hope there’s room in it for an old mannequin who dispenses sound advice. :)

  3. Basically, I want to live there.

    I loved the family heritage stories. The anecdote about the castle burning down while practicing witchcraft makes it particularly appropriate today. Thanks for sharing, Tina!

  4. Oh god that white room is just incredible. I spend hours going through old issues of Country Life just to pick out which houses I’ll buy when I’m rich. They have to be a little crumbling, not too perfect, with a couple gothic touches for fun:) I adore I Capture the Castle – the scene where they swim round the moat at night, I want to be part of their family:)

  5. What interesting family stories you have! And of course, this is just gorgeous!

    Did you see the article about fairytale-like castles in Europe on the bbc website last week? I have the link on my blog if you want to check it out :)

  6. I just found your blog whilst searching for ? can’t remember! I Capture the Castle is a book I read every few years..so this caught my eye..then the name Owlpen..I have stayed at Owlpen in the Cotswolds..truly magical. It isn’t really a castle per se, but a very interesting house with many outbuildings..a mill…or the court house..all available for self catering holidays. maybe you have been since posting this.

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