A very special giveaway: a lovely teacup with polkadots and butterflies, new from Anthropologie! What sort of tea would you like to sip from this cup? Leave a message! Winner will be chosen on Tuesday!

The winner is: Shooting Stars Mag.


88 Comments on Monday’s Giveaway: A Collector’s Tea Cup {CLOSED}

  1. My absolute favorite tea is Ginger Peach from Jackson & Hines! I have about half a jar left right now :) I think it would be extra tasty in a butterfly kissed tea cup!!! I collect random tea cups and would love to put this cup and saucer on display. I’d be so inspired to blog about it when it arrived! Fingers crossed …

  2. I’m not sure if they even make it anymore (it;s been a long time since I could afford it, let alone find it here in Australia) but the Republic of Tea’s “Vanilla Almond” was the best tea ever, made even better by sipping it from a pretty cup! Failing that, I think this cup is perfectly suited to Twining’s Lady Grey tea – softer than Earl Grey and with beautiful blue corn flowers scattered throughout…. mmmmmm!

  3. hello dear muse! ~ i do sO love polka dots & butterflies ~ if i were to drink from this exquisiteness ~ i’d drink sweetness of meditations ~ oodles of heart smiles ~ a smattering of well wishes to the universe ~ & a dollop of peace to the world!… simple awesomeness in every cup! ~ blessed be!…

  4. Very pretty! The only tea I drink is a strawberry/raspberry/cranberry blend which is a lovely pinky red colour. It would suit this cup perfectly, I think.

    Lovely giveaway, I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed (but not eyes because that would be ugly).

  5. Well, I prefer chai. But from that cup I would drink the detox tea from Kusmi. Just because it is so good and matches the cup wery good. Sweet green tea with lemon grass. Yummi ♥

  6. White tea. With its fruitness bidding farewell to Summer and its warmth saying hello to chilly times and cosier things…

    Wishing you a Happy Week,


  7. The White Lion Tea Co. makes a great white tea — white ambrosia. That’s what I’d drink in that cup and saucer!

  8. Oh my, this is too cute! I really love butterflies and this would look perfect in my kitchen! I would drink Galway Cream Tea, a new tea I discovered this weekend made in my own town.

  9. This is a lovely set. I would drink ethier favorite tea right now, Chammoile Citrus, or one of my stand bys Chai Green tea or pepermint.

  10. I’m thinking something summer-ish. I would probably mix some marigold with orange and grapefruit zest a bit of blackberry and perhaps one mint leaf with a Rooibos base. Then a smattering of cream and sugar with an Austen novel and the afternoon would be set.

  11. What nice teas people are suggesting…but I am a classicist mostly. So Earl Grey for me, please. This is lovely, Tina. How nice of you to do this, esp. on a Monday. xoxo

  12. What a lovely tea cup. My daughter is just a baby, but I can’t help but think about having a grand collection of tea cups for our future parties.

    My favorite tea is a Vanilla Caramel. In college, I loved it so much and it was only sold in select stores. So I bought a case, which was about 12 boxes. It took me years to finish!

  13. oh, that’s such a pretty tea cup! i think i’d break her in by drinking cinnamon tea, since it seems like a fallish flavor. or hot chocolate (because it’s yummy!) and then she’d see a lot of my basic earl grey. i’m sort of addicted to earl grey (we’re talking 3 cups a day…) perhaps i have a drinking problem 😉

  14. Jasmine tea! I want to still see the butterfly, and a light green-yellow tea would add an antique-ed look inside an already timeless cup.

  15. I would savor a light jasmine tea, clear and floral that will let me see throught the cup butterflies imagining them flying above a bed of flowers…

  16. How beautiful! At the moment, I would go for an apple spice tea, since it’s so fall appropriate. But then, one can never go wrong with some classic Earl Grey + milk, three sugars.

  17. That lovely and whimsical teacup is calling for a wild orange blossom tea with a spoonful of creamed honey.

  18. I love fruit teas so a nice mixed berries or a lemon and ginger infusion would be perfection, plus you have to have scones and jam with tea, homemade of course :) Beautiful tea cup, I’d love to get my paws on it!

  19. I should think a classic like earl grey would befit this lovely cup and saucer. Love the background of tropical palms, polka dots and monarchs of the insect variety. The only thing missing are zinnias or orchids.

  20. I would love a really perfect cup of English Breakfast, sat in the garden, reading the paper, nibbling a muffin or some granary toast. This cup is beautiful :)

  21. Hmmmm. I do homeopathy so only white tea for me. I think I’d drink some of that white with rose (yes, with actual rosebuds!) that I bought at Tea Palace when I was in London.

  22. Green matcha made with the powder I bought at 99 Ranch. Or Mint Melange from Trader Joe’s – mixing high and low.

  23. It’s incredible! Since I’m a bit sick right now, I would drink some delicious Cold-Stop tea that I have. I’m sure drinking it out of this teacup would make me feel much better.

  24. It’s incredible! Since I’m a bit sick right now, I would drink some delicious Cold-Stop tea that I have. I’m sure drinking it out of this teacup would make me feel much better.

  25. The thought of sipping a beautiful aromatic Earl Grey from this charming cup and saucer truly makes me smile…I’m feeling a little under the weather today, as well, so it’s nice to dream of something so comforting.

  26. You have such lovely giveaways! I am enjoying your blog with a cup of tea as we speak.

    I would like to say something fancy, but really nice hot, milky builders tea- made with Yorkshire Tea from home. Bliss :)

  27. I would love to drink my favorite tea “Cool Mint” from the Danish company Aunt TE! Hope you can win even though I live in Copenhagen ….!

  28. It’s so whimsical, I love it! (although I already have a collection of teacups I probably don’t need another one).

    I’d drink a spicy cup of chai I think.