Occasionally I like to see what sort of Google search terms lead people to my blog.
Here’s a little snapshot of the search words that turned up recently on my sitemeter:

And here are the corresponding posts:
Audrey Umbrellas, Sofia Coppola Stye Desk, New Lula Magazine, JLo Dresses, “I love Kate Spade,”  Charlotte de la Grandière, Color Pink.

I think it’s funny — and probably fitting — that a few people have found my blog by searching for “Color Pink”!
Pink Power!!


6 Comments on Popular Search Terms

  1. That’s so cute! I’ve looked at my search terms before, but they aren’t half as charming. One of my favorites, though, is “Cary Grant style”. (:

    P.S. I want a Sofia Coppola-style desk! I’d settle for a Sofia Coppola-style anything, really.

  2. Yours are so nice! Mine are always really concerning…
    weirdest searches on google that led to my blog this month…
    1. american dad hot tub daddy’s gone
    2. incetc nude family russian
    3. hot tied girls

    What are people doing???


  3. Just writing you this note to say that your blog is getting more beautiful every day. ( *And yes, Pink totally rocks! *) Warmest wishes, Isabelle