The other day I put up a survey after posting an illustration called “Things Hipsters Like.” The question was: Are you a hipster? If not, what are you? Here are the results:

So many people answered “other,” I think I need to run another survey! What’s your style, again?

all of the above


23 Comments on Survey Results: What’s your style?

  1. Well, my style has hipster elements, girly, chic geek and they all get mixed up in an artsy kind of way. I mean, I do not have a defined style I simply wear whatever makes me feel beautiful. I am not sure whether I’m making sense.

  2. I would call my style more of ‘Casual Vintage’ meaning mixing highstreet timeless pieces with more deluxe vintage items. But its tough ’cause I could also fit any of the other categories on a certain day. But I guess that’s the fun about fashion.. :)

  3. Retro style? There’s a huge vintage/retro fashion movement that’s been going on for years. I would say I fall into that camp or an eclectic category.

  4. i just don’t always feel like the same style.
    some days i’m preppy,
    some days i’m hipster.
    maybe a fashionista, but never a girly girl.
    and every once in a while, a bit art school goth or biker chic.
    i must have a style disorder!

  5. I’m definitely a mixture, more eclectic style .. I didn’t participate but I can imagine most of us not having an exact label. Chic geek and vintage is more my style if I had to make a commitment.

    haha at Martha, I love it (so do most guys I imagine!)

  6. Don’t think I’m any of those: always preferred to refer to my style as ‘witchy-librarian’ , although there’s very little chic about that look!

  7. interesting! i think i probably have preppy/hipster/60’s and 70’s influenced style. although sometimes i like to throw a little early 60’s audrey hepburn/beatnik vibe in there…. i guess it’s just really hard to label one’s personal style!