Hello everyone. Some of you may have noticed, my blog crashed last night for three hours! There are many benefits associated with moving off Blogger to a self-hosted site. But there are perils as well. My advice after a long night: If you move to self-hosted WordPress, beware of the plugins. Anyone can create a plugin and sometimes WordPress doesn’t know that they’re flawed until they crash someone’s blog. Alas, here I am, learning new things about conflicting code and cleaning out caches.

I’m also in the process of moving to a different server
and installing heavy-duty software to get my blog to load faster.

PLEASE leave feedback on how the site is loading for you.
I hope to have everything settled shortly! Thank you for your patience!


Illustration via Small Ritual.


21 Comments on Technical issues and other headaches

  1. Loading just fine Tina.
    And I’m not even at home using my Mac. I’m in my office and it’s lunch and English Muse time :)

  2. It’s been loading fine when I visit your site. My other blog is hosted on WordPress too, do you know which plug-in was the culprit?

  3. i was trying out different sharing plugins, trying to get facebook, twitter and igoogle buttons at the bottom of my posts. one of them just pushed the whole system over the brink…i had to go into the server and unplug them all! it was like digging through an old attic.

  4. It’s loading just fine for me too :)
    I see you’ve changed the look since I was last here – It’s really pretty! xo

  5. What a hassle for you! My computer is now a senior citizen and sometimes has trouble loading certain blogs and websites, but I have NEVER had a problem loading English Muse.

  6. I’m getting this fine .. I’m not a blogger, just a follower of great creative people …. I can’t imagine how I would follow them all if not on blogger … I have lost a few to the wild west internet out there, and don’t know how to put them in one place. Sad!

  7. the pretty pictures that used to show at the top are gone but maybe that is the same for everyone? other than that i have no problems here : ) good luck in resolving this! i know what a headache it all can be.

  8. you blog is loading fine for me. I love this new wordpress blog layout, so lovley.
    Im a bit tired of blogging this week, taking the week off.

  9. The photos don’t show up on individual post pages…I really want to change that tho! I don’t like the way the pages look without the slideshow…working on that with a designer at the moment…

  10. I’ve done exactly the same thing as you a month ago and have had a lot of headaches and little glitches. Things seem to have settled down now so I hope the same goes for you.

    Your blog loads just fine and always has for me.

  11. What a pain! Just wanted to say that your blog is lovely, so thank you for your hard work and headache-ing!