I think I caught a cold when I was out-on-the town over the weekend!
Now it’s chamomile and chicken soup for me, alas.
Off to curl up in a quilt and read…

What’s your favorite cold remedy?

Illustration via Observando. Gif via Just Another Indie Geek.


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  1. hi tina! ~ sending huge rainbow healing bubbles to you! ~ tried & true recipe: a cup of hot lemon & honey in your favourite cup! ~ soothes & tastes like wild flowers on a spring day!… (:

  2. Alas it is! Tea is just the best….currently going though and ‘english fog’ phase. I never heard of it before until my blog friend Erin gave me the heads up.

  3. I swear by Source Naturals Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid at the first sign of cold or flu–love that stuff! I also drink lots of black tea (for its antiviral properties) and various herbals, such as Celestial Seasonings Ginger Spice and a homemade sage/lemon/honey, if a cough is present. A swig of whiskey or brandy mixed in doesn’t hurt in the evenings, either!

  4. Whenever I have a cold my friend makes me drink hot water, lemon, manuka honey and a capful of cider vinegar. Good stuff to kill all of the bugs :)

    Jess x

  5. OKIE~ boil fresh ginger+honey+lemon juice & drink lots of it…
    You’ll be visiting the bathroom more often & flushing down the toilet, but it always works for me! Get better soon, Tina!

  6. Sorry about that, hope you feel better soon..
    My favourite remedy would be a movie/TV marathon, most likely Pride&Prejudice :) Somehow I cannot feel ill when I can get lost in another world.. Magic! 😀

    Btw, love the picture (so true!) and the Gif..


  7. This is gross, but I mix my black Earl Grey with children’s grape flavored Triaminic. When I was in college, I saw my roommate do it and tried it out of curiosity. It doesn’t taste horrid (or at least not as much you would think) and it knocks you out until you get over your cold. Feel better!

  8. I love anything with ginger. I’m posting a recipe today on the blog for my hot remedy… I’ve got a bit of a sore throat too.


  9. I always make my own tea when I have caught a cold-hot water, fresh ginger and cinnamon, for best effect I leave overnight in a thermos. It’s spicy but oh so good!

  10. Love this and completely agree! No matter how bad you’re feeling whether you’re ill or just upset, tea always makes you feel better (haha I’m so English!!)

    ps. when I’m ill I love red grapes, orange lucozade and lots of sympathy



  11. My mom’s homemade turkey noodle soup is my cold go-to. And when that’s not around, hot cocoa is another staple.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  12. I practically swear by chamomile tea with honey in it, and peppermint tea with honey when your nose is stuffy! It’s wonderful. Ginger is actually pretty nice, too.

    That, and anything and everything comforting. Feel better soon!

  13. I always make my own, personal tea once i have caught a cold-hot water, fresh ginger and cinnamon, for optimum effect I leave overnight inside a thermos. It’s spicy but oh so great!

  14. Lapacho tea and a great book, a cosy blanket and my hot boyfriend next to me :-)…or if not available a nice hot bottle!

    Love Gisela