This fantastic illustration — Things Hipsters Like by Jenni Sparks — is starting to make the rounds on Tumblr.
I like 50 percent of these things, so I guess I’m not really a hipster. So what am I?

What are you? Take the poll!

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Illustration via Hey Oscar Wilde!


15 Comments on Things Hipsters Like

  1. Hah! That’s funny.. I like quite a few of those things (except of course the tobacco, and beer). Guess I must be a little bit of a hipster. Gotta embrace it!

  2. i love the tea, the typewriter, the shoes, the camera, the glasses, the record player and irony….

    i’m a hipster without the grunge!! yay!

  3. Cute and funny illustration! I also like about 50% of these things and I’m glad that wouldn’t make me a hipster. I think I might be a Girly Chic Geek.

  4. I like 8 out of 13 of those things: camera, glasses, irony, soymilk, record player, bike, tea, & the wingtips. Didn’t see the PBR! I guess I’m a partial hipster, but more of a chic geek.


  5. Haha is it weird that I basically own everything in this picture? 😀

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  6. yep I fear I might be a hipster. but then when I meet those art-school hipster types I feel very uncomfortable aorund them. with their greasy hair and eating the trendy organic soy no animal harmed food. Im just me and like things that hipsters also happen to like.

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