Oct 24, 2011

by English Muse

I love to go to the newsstand every Saturday and pick up the weekend editions of the FT and the Wall Street Journal. (I especially love the WSJ’s Off Duty section!) While I’m there I usually get a couple magazines. This week I picked up filmcomment, published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and The Hollywood Reporter, my favorite glossy!

The rest of the week, I love reading the New York Times as my daily news source. (I stopped my subscription to the local paper two years ago and I haven’t looked at it since. Long story.)

What about you?

Illustration by John Gannam, 1948 — via Colour Bomb.


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24 Responses to “What magazines & newspapers are you reading?”

  1. Tonia says:

    The Guardian, every week, without fail. Tried to give it up a year ago but miss it too much, despite the ridiculous fashion pages and occasional descents into pseud-dom by the reporters.
    Oh and Private Eye for a fornightly dose of satirical yet irreverent takes on bringing people to account who should know better.
    Stopped buying magazines when I realised I didn’t care whether my bag was an ‘it’ one or not, nor whether one cream was better than another at dealing with wrinkles. Toy with the idea every now and then of starting one of my own.

  2. Hannah B. says:

    This summer we subscribed to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and we have really loved getting both. While I don’t always get a chance to read as much as I would like, there is something terribly comforting about their arrival on my sidewalk each morning. I’ve also recently become fascinated by Town & Country, although I’m pretty sure this is solely based on the monogram feature they ran last month!

  3. Wallpaper is still my fave magazine…I still keep all the issues, they will never be in the recycling bin!

  4. sami says:

    i should read more newspapers. but i love books and blogs and have little time for much else! even magazines feel filled with last month’s news by the time i get to them!


  5. Tina says:

    I had the exact same reaction to the latest issue of Town and Country. It’s really wonderful now with the redesign…Preppy never looked so good!

  6. donna myrow says:

    I love The New York Review of Books ( borrow it from a friend) and, of course, The New Yorker. I subscribe to the daily NYT and LAT but soon I must drop one of them, too expensive.

  7. Tina says:

    If you try to drop the LAT, they’ll practically pay you to keep taking it…

  8. Vicki Archer says:

    English newspapers for me…especially the Sunday ones with their magazines….Love them….xv

  9. I love curling up with Sunday newspapers with their magazines, especially in winter. It’s my “me time”. Warm regards.

  10. Liss says:

    my new sources: The Age. Even though Im no longer in Melbourne I still love reading The Age. Queensland newspapers as like trash magazines in comparison. other new sources I read from time to time, New York Times, ABC Australia, and science journals / news sites.
    mags…dont get me started!! so many.

  11. Emma says:

    Liss, I live in Queensland, Australia and I often read The Age, the Australian or the Sydney Morning Herald (was born in Sydney). The newspapers up here just have no .. substance or something.

    I also like ABC.net.

  12. Liss says:

    yes that is it, the stories are so bad and lack tack. I remember reading one about a crash where 3 people died and they had around 20 images of it…and I thought ‘how would the family feel?!!’ the Australian ive found a little too heavy, The Age seems to be just right, I should try the Sydney Morning Herald too 🙂

  13. Acacia says:

    I read the NYT, Chronicle of Higher Ed., some academic journals, Love The Gentlewoman, and am an inveterate reader of fashion magazines.

  14. martha says:

    You know what I most look forward to? The English Muse’s suggestions! Your selections are the best! I like to think I’m pretty good about reading everything since it’s my job…but you always find great stuff I haven’t seen.

    I stopped subscribing to our local paper, too. Partly out of solidarity with you and some other friends who were screwed…and because a once-great paper now basically sucks…but I still check ’em out online since it’s free.

  15. I love the FT. Nobody thinks a paper called the Financial Times would have the caliber of arts and fashion sections that it does–but it does. The FT is wonderful.

  16. Suse says:

    Washington Post, NYT, New Yorker, Washington City Paper, DCBlogs…can’t help being a news junkie – wish I could get it under control.

  17. Martine G says:

    My favourite magazines is SMUG (a Norwegian magazine about culture, art, litterature and fashion), LOVE Magazine and Indie (the independent style magasine.)

  18. Beatrice says:

    Yoga Journal (I’m a yogini going through teacher training), Southern Living, even though I live in NJ and no newspapers at the time. I like to start my day positively and the news are always bad 🙂

  19. donna myrow says:

    You’re right, they reduced the price by 50% when I canceled my subscription.

  20. jess says:

    I read ‘Alive’ which is a great news/ arts/ restaurant resource for St. Louisans- and I read Dance, Elephant (when I can get it!), and love the New York Observer, which I must read online.

  21. Saartje says:

    Interesting to hear what Australians think about Australian newspapers! I’m originally from Belgium, but moved to Sydney almost two years ago. I have to admit that I have yet to find a newspaper that I like here. The ones I’ve read all seem quite superficial to me compared to the newspapers I’m used to in Belgium. I have a student subscription to the Sydney Morning Herald (which is so unbelievably cheap!), but it’s been over a month since I actually went to pick up my newspaper. Somehow, I just don’t seem to “click” with the Australian way of news coverage. Maybe it just takes some time…

    I don’t read many magazines, but I love frankie. I don’t think anyone in Belgium would dare to publish a magazine like this!

  22. Mary says:

    I like reading The Guardian from back home in the UK online every day. For magazines, I love Frankie and Peppermint from Aus and there is a wonderful little magazine here in NZ called Extracurricular. It has recipes and craft projects in as well, it’s lovely!

  23. Diana says:

    I love magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire, because I feel like they have a great combination of topics: fashion/beauty, health, relationships and current events (I especially love when they highlight various issues of women’s rights).

  24. Jenny says:

    I am addicted to magazines but have a few favourites including British and Swedish ELLE, Danish Cover and when it comes to newspapers- the Sunday Times on weekends, Guardian during the week. But I do get tempted so I would try a few magazines now and then that I don’t usually have money or time to buy like The Gentlewoman, Tatler, Vogue and Lula.


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