I’m back online! So happy! My massive photo-laden blog blew up last night when I tried to install W3 Cache. Luckly, most of my content was in a backup database, so I was able to restore much of what I lost. (I need to repost everything between Nov. 1 and today. I’m still reposting missing photos.)

What you’re seeing now is the pared-down version of my blog, sort of like chicken soup or mashed potatoes after a bad night.

I hope to have the fancier version up and running soon. (I’m turning the task over to professionals this time!)

In the meantime, welcome to the acoustic English Muse!

(Sketch by Larice Barbosa.)



19 Comments on English Muse, the acoustic version

  1. Oh no⁄ ! So glad at least you got everything backed up alright. Anyway I’m looking forward to everything even tho I kind dig the acoustic version.

  2. oh noes! sorry to hear that. must be a lot of hard work.
    to be honest, i love this acoustic one a wee bit more than the previous one. but maybe that’s just me as i like the minimalist style.

  3. I love the acoustic version! It’s clean and soft and simple, like the first entry in a brand new journal. While I know it was a giant pain in the ass, what an amazing opportunity to re-invent yourself.

  4. So glad all of your work was backed up! Whew!
    Your blog has always been so pretty. I have to say, I’m actually really loving this acoustic version…It’s crisp and fun!

  5. Oh thank you!! I had a long sleepless night, worrying that my blog was gone for good. I kept thinking that the damn W3 Cache had succeeded in getting me to do what two bosses at previous employers could not: Shut down my blog.

  6. I love ‘acoustic’ version of your blog. It is so charming. I do hope you get everything sorted out and don’t lose any work. Have a lovely week.
    Sophie x