I always love it when the Sartorialist posts photos of women wearing four or five different prints, all of them working in harmony. Here’s my little photo copied collection. I especially love the girl with the plaid shirt, the Chinese coat and the red bag!

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7 Comments on Fashion File: Mad for Plaid

  1. I love all of these images! The bottom left and the two on the right I have saved as inspirations for my own style. Great photoshopping!

    P.S. I’m pretty shy on the internet but I’ve been trying to post more comments lately on blogs that I like. This is one of my favorite blogs out here on the internet! Fancy design or not, keep up the great posts :) I just wanted to say thanks!

  2. All of those outfits are really cool, but when you see them at Sartorialist’s photos. In “real life”, I think it’s really difficult to work out one outfit like those successfully!