So this is my home — crammed with flea-market finds, stacks of books, bitter angry pets, and a husband who wonders when we’re having a yard sale. Welcome to my bohemian, magpie, grannie not-so-chic life!



28 Comments on House Tour: Some of my things

  1. I must confess that I put my glass bottles on a tray after I saw your 2nd pic. There was a verb for this..mmmm.. copy?:) Love ur home Tina, you have style

  2. Looks like you have such a cozy home, full of personality. I love the little bejeweled bust on your home bar area. Looks like somewhere I would enjoy hanging out. Have a great day!

  3. Love this! I always enjoy seeing the little quirky, almost hidden things inside someone’s home. They say more about a person than their sofa, or fridge or choice of bedding.

  4. Tina, I love your pictoral! It is so you…..unique, artsy, and filled with personality. and looks very organized!

  5. What a charming post! Your home looks very cozy and unique! I almost feel like a little kid in some enchanted castle looking at those curiosities :)

  6. Hi Tina–can you share the brand and name of the black frames at the bottom? I hope they’re not too old! I’ve been looking for some modern cat eyes! Thanks!

  7. Hi Bridget! The bottom black glasses a few years old, but I’m sure you can still find them on the Internet. They’re by Oliver Peoples. (They’re called Sixi.) Also, if you’re looking for amazing cateyes, check out Francis Klein! They’re expensive, but wonderful — handcrafted with jewels in France.

  8. You’ve real style and i think a love for vintage (?) A perfect place to sit back , have yourself some natter with a cup of tea & macaroons :) . Lovely place. Your collection of cats-eye type glasses is so cute.

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