First time doing a post like this!


23 Comments on Things Inside My Purse

  1. Oh dear – have just looked inside my own bag; it’s nowhere near as organised as yours. Hmm, a clear out may be more than overdue!

  2. ooh! the contents of your bag are so much more fun than mine…makes me want to do a makeover and lose some things and add a few “necessities”.

  3. I love seeing into other people’s purses and beauty products – I’m super nosy! I’m sure my bad isn’t nearly as tidy and pretty, I usually have unpleasant things like sweets wrappers and horse treats in the bottom of mine.

    (Laura Mercier eye pencil is my favorite, gorgeous colors)

  4. I LOVE your Gucci bag! This is a fun post. One of these days, I might do something similar. Maybe with my dance bag. (And yeah, like the others are saying, my bag is a disastrous jumble of receipts and other nonsense compared to your’s!)

  5. I got hooked on the gray ones because my daughter grabbed every other color. The gray looks like pencil and now I’m addicted to them!

  6. I am glad I am not the only one to love stuff like this…and any bag with some Stabilo pens is a good one, I go through so many of those!