We’re back from our Thanksgiving trip to Northern California to visit my husband’s family. Now I’m starting to think about Xmas. My vintage ornaments are my favorites, always…

Last week I put together a post for Lamps Plus on ten vintage Christmas essentials. Here’s the first half of the list. The other five are over here…

What’s your favorite vintage holiday decoration?

Photo Credits:  Heather Bullard, Kracken Crafts, Moxie-Girl, Georgia Peachez, Raining Rita.


6 Comments on Must-Have Vintage Holiday Decorations

  1. I really like the idea of creating ornaments out of old records. I’m going to be taking some of my old CDs this Christmas and pasting their covers on the discs to make ornaments.

  2. I am more of a nature girl so I tend to use fresh or dried fruits, greenery, mistletoe, wood, cones etc. But I do love the colourful ornaments with lots of glitter, and my old naitivity set I got from my old daycarer when I stopped. Add tons of candles and I am set.. :)
    At least until Christmas Eve where I decorate our tree. In Denmark we always use real trees and we celebrate in the evening with food and presents.

  3. I saw your other list, and I love the paper ornaments! They look really nice. My sister and I are going to have our first Christmas tree living together, so I love all these ideas!

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