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Holiday Hours

Dec 27, 2011

Christmas was grand, now onto New Years!

How’s your holiday going?

(Photo via Madewell.)

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This post was inspired by two hours of listening to Tchaikovsky. It makes me wish I lived in a place where it snows. I also wish I’d stuck with the ballet classes. My posture would be better. Why do the holidays bring up so many regrets?

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The ever ubiquitous gift card has become my default holiday present for almost everyone on my list. It started a couple years ago when I was running behind, as usual, on my Christmas shopping. I just popped into a Vons grocery store and bought a stack of them. But then I was left wondering: How can I dress them up so they seem more personal?

Now I spend part of the year looking for the perfect companion present to go along with the last minute holiday gift card. Sometimes it ranges from monogramed bags to handmade pouches to slippers. After I bring them home I put them in a big box where I can find them on Christmas Eve. I wrap them in tissue and place them in a gift bag. Voilà! Easy!

Here’s my list of the perfect presents to pair with gift cards:

What’s about you?

Sources (all from Etsy):
1. Green fingerless gloves 2. Wool felt iPod case 3. Vintage tea tin with buttons 4. Gadget pouch 5. iPhone cover 6. Artisan chocolates 7. Pottery coffee mug 8. Letterpress recipe cards 9. Vintage powder compact 10. Scarf with pocket.

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A White Christmas

Dec 20, 2011

Not talking about the weather!
on the 4th day of joyfulness...
on the 11th day of joyfulness...
on the 3rd day of joyfulness...
on the 7th day of joyfulness
on the 6th day of joyfulness...

Photos by the talented
Dottie Angel (aka Tif Fussell) for her
“12 Days of Joyfulness” series this month
on her blog….

Among the things she’s joyful for this year: her partnership with Uppercase Publishing on her Grannie Chic crafting book, Dottie Angel.

“I know this will be the year I look back on when old and crinkly in my rocking chair and marvel at how an indie publisher and crafter collaborated upon a book and how many folks embraced the results, leaving me thankful and joyful.”

I have her book. I love it.

More HERE!


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Blogger Alaina Buzas is a collector of books and book photos. She has, I think, the most awesome collection of book boards on Pinterest.

She explains in a recent post on her fantastic books blog, To Be Shelved: “Work has been a real whirlwind lately, and obviously blogging has been lacking. BUT I have been curating a few pinboards and have become a little Pinterest crazy.”

Pinterest? Crazy? Impossible!

See her lovely collection {{HERE!}}
(Tell her I sent you!!)

Free People (UK)

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I love this giant tote, filled with very cool things. It’s from the latest Anthropologie catalogue.

I love to see what’s in other people’s purses. (Especially cosmetic bags! Is that weird?!) I guess it’s the sartorial equivalent of glancing inside windows on an evening walk. It’s fascinating to see how other people live their lives…

A woman with red glasses and a tube of Lipstick Queen lipstick? I’m sure we could be friends!

Stop by every day to shop our new Deal of the Day at!

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I’ve been putting off holiday decorating this year, first because I was busy and now because I have a cold.

It inspired my latest design post for Lamps Plus: Tips for quick holiday decorating.

(Photo by Yvestown.)

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Happy Saturday

Dec 17, 2011

stamped wrapping paper

I’m hibernating this weekend, still fighting this cold. I haven’t done any decorating or Christmas shopping yet. Oh well. Humbug.

Photo Credits: Schorlemädchen, Tiny Happy, Wild Goose Chase, Liivia, noele l.

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Australian interior designer and stylist Sibella Court shows off all her global treasures in her new book “Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style.” One lucky winner will get a copy of the book!

A sneak-peek:

Leave a comment!

Winner will be picked Friday THIS EVENING!

And the winner is….

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Sick Day

Dec 13, 2011

I caught my daughter’s cold. I’m at the worst stage: the sore throat. Going to bed…

Will return soon!

Photo by Hey Bubbles.

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I read Diane Keaton’s book “Then Again” over Thanksgiving. She included a few excerpts of letters Woody Allen sent her while they were filming Love and Death.

They’re so charming and — of course — funny.

My recreation:

“I was his endearing oaf. He was my ‘White Thing,'” says Keaton. “His insights into my character were dead on and–duh!–hilarious. This bond remains the core of our friendship and, for me, love.”

(Allen illustration by Blanca Gomez for Italian GQ.
Horn Rim illustration, for sale on Etsy, by Nan Lawson.)

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A couple of these ideas might surprise you!
{My latest Lamps Plus post.}

Happy Monday!

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Happy Saturday

Dec 10, 2011

I love Saturdays. It’s my day to catch my breath. My friend Elaine is flying back to Paris this afternoon. It was so nice spending the morning talking with her one last time before she leaves. (We’re trying to figure out a way that I can go see her in March!)

My daughter’s team made the soccer playoffs. The championship game is at the Rose Bowl this afternoon!

In between everything I’m catching up on my magazine reading and doing laundry.

What are you doing this weekend?

Photo credits: Mouth Watering Words, Kevin Farris, i-rocksteady, Wild Goose Chase, Ozlem Haluk.

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I just picked up a newly published collection of Ann Beattie’s stories in The New Yorker.

William Deresiewicz, author of A Jane Austen Education, reviewed the book for the December 12 issue of The Nation.

His review begins like this:

“Let’s imagine Ann Beattie in the early 1970’s. She was a thin young woman, bucktoothed, with an open, vulnerable face and long straight hair in the period style. She was a little waiflike, maybe, a little mournful, a little recessive…She had a secret life, though, late at night, up alone with her typewriter…”

Can’t wait to read the stories she wrote on that typewriter!

What are you reading?

(Collage by Rodrigo Arteaga.)

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New York fashionista Amanda Brooks was recently named women’s fashion director of Barneys New York (My favorite store. Ever.) She’s been blogging on the store website and this week she did a post on her favorite (albeit expensive) fashion classics. Have a look:

I love the green bag and the cape!! Actually it’s all fantastic.

(Descriptions, credits, prices here.)

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Lamps as Art

Dec 05, 2011

I have so much stuff, sometimes I dream about tossing it all out — except for a chair and a really pretty lamp. (Steve Jobs lived that way for years!) Here’s the link to my latest Lamps Plus post on how to make a space interesting with just a hanging lamp (or two).

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Happy Saturday

Dec 03, 2011

I’m very thankful for a quiet weekend. Things have been a little stressful here in our little town outside Los Angeles. A mighty wind storm blew in on Wednesday night, toppling trees and knocking out the power. We were without electricity for three days and, only this morning, the Internet came back on. The town was getting ready for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony this weekend. But, alas, the city’s Christmas tree — a huge pine that has stood for decades — was destroyed by the wind.

Not all was terrible. We spent two evenings reading by candlelight and listening to music on my daughter’s iPhone. (She has a very good selection of “heartbreak” music, including everything by Adele. Very bittersweet.)

Anyway, life is getting back to normal. I’m going resist the urge to spend the entire day on the Internet, which I missed most of all!

What are you doing this weekend?

Photo credits: Double Cappuccino, devin+, Sid Black, Jacinta Moore, and Evita Weed.

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