I love Saturdays. It’s my day to catch my breath. My friend Elaine is flying back to Paris this afternoon. It was so nice spending the morning talking with her one last time before she leaves. (We’re trying to figure out a way that I can go see her in March!)

My daughter’s team made the soccer playoffs. The championship game is at the Rose Bowl this afternoon!

In between everything I’m catching up on my magazine reading and doing laundry.

What are you doing this weekend?

Photo credits: Mouth Watering Words, Kevin Farris, i-rocksteady, Wild Goose Chase, Ozlem Haluk.


9 Comments on Happy Saturday

  1. More decorating, reviewing a book, a craft and enjoying time with a couple of friends who are down from Seattle this weekend.

    Paris in March sounds fabulous!


  2. hope that you have a wonderful saturday…actually just got off work…we are, this evening, taking a short trip to go see two large christmas light displays in neighboring towns…taking hot cocoa and just going to enjoy the beauty…so looking forward to that..

  3. What a lovely Saturday, I hope you got to see your daughter play the match!
    Saturday here has been walking some the beautiful animal shelter dogs around freezing Portland. Now hunkering down for the evening with a movie, tea and peppermint patties.
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend x

  4. oh, these photos are lovely! especially the last one.
    i am getting ready to curl up with a book. “little women”, actually. it just seems a perfect to read it again during the holidays.
    enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  5. Okay, you have three of my favorite things in this post…a cup of tea, sparkly lights and a good book…yep, that is a Happy Saturday.

  6. These pictures are lush! I hope you had a lovely Saturday. We got to enjoy some summer sunshine, drink Pimms and sing carols at Christmas in the Park :) I do fancy curling up with a good book and a cuppa, as inspired by that last picture!