Australian interior designer and stylist Sibella Court shows off all her global treasures in her new book “Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style.” One lucky winner will get a copy of the book!

A sneak-peek:

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Winner will be picked Friday THIS EVENING!

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61 Comments on Holiday Giveaway: Sibella Court’s “Nomad”

  1. Unfortunately I bought my copy last week when I was mooching around Anthropology….it’s fabulous and I can’t wait to sit down properly and have a good look at it.

  2. Oh, this would be the perfect book to read for Christmas, I always dream of what I’ll do the next year and this book would definately fuel my imagination!

    This is my first comment here so I also have to tell you that I absolutely love your blog! You may definately be a kindered spirit!

  3. Oh this has been on my wish list!! I have poured over her book, Etc., until it is coming apart at the seams!

  4. Almost every little thing in my small home has a story. Unfortunately, now that I’m getting older, I can’t always remember what it was!

  5. What a treasure! I love a nomad’s approach to design; the joy in the unusual, the delight in the serendipitous, the glee of a bargain! And a nomad knows that leaving one’s belongings behind to travel light and venture into the new is part of the process. Then returning once more with the colours, textures, fragrances of worlds within worlds!