The ever ubiquitous gift card has become my default holiday present for almost everyone on my list. It started a couple years ago when I was running behind, as usual, on my Christmas shopping. I just popped into a Vons grocery store and bought a stack of them. But then I was left wondering: How can I dress them up so they seem more personal?

Now I spend part of the year looking for the perfect companion present to go along with the last minute holiday gift card. Sometimes it ranges from monogramed bags to handmade pouches to slippers. After I bring them home I put them in a big box where I can find them on Christmas Eve. I wrap them in tissue and place them in a gift bag. Voilà! Easy!

Here’s my list of the perfect presents to pair with gift cards:

What’s about you?

Sources (all from Etsy):
1. Green fingerless gloves 2. Wool felt iPod case 3. Vintage tea tin with buttons 4. Gadget pouch 5. iPhone cover 6. Artisan chocolates 7. Pottery coffee mug 8. Letterpress recipe cards 9. Vintage powder compact 10. Scarf with pocket.

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13 Comments on Ten Ways to Give a Gift Card

  1. What nice ideas to add a personal touch to the giftcard. I like the old tin with buttons! Christmas time is fun but also stresses me out. Our family just went in together and bought each other mag subs mostly. and Glen got me the Kindle!! I love it so much already :)

    Merry Christmas my bbf xoxo

  2. oh congrats on the kindle!! i’ve been reading mine non-stop…i like it because i can make the type larger. I don’t need my reading glasses ! i’m in the middle of the most recent Woody Allen biography… Love it! xo

  3. I love that it looks a lot like a book, but has the benefit of digital – like midnight shopping for a new book!! such a happy medium between paper world and digital.
    also dosent hurt my eyes like reading on the iPad did.

  4. I really wanted to hate it. But it’s so light weight. I don’t even realize I have it in my purse. Plus, I love being able to buy books instantly!! I’m also enjoying underlining words and sentences, and then uploading them onto the kindle cloud. I hate to say it, but i’m really hooked! I’ve been shopping around for the perfect kindle pouch.

  5. Great ideas! I like to give gift cards so people can pick out what they really want but it’s nice to personalize it a little by putting it in another gift. I like to give gift cards to my girl friends tucked inside pretty little cosmetic pouches or coin purses. Happy Holidays!

  6. Those are some pretty clever ways to gift! I might borrow the iPod case idea for my husband’s present this year…if I can manage to sew up a cute one by tomorrow!