I love this giant tote, filled with very cool things. It’s from the latest Anthropologie catalogue.

I love to see what’s in other people’s purses. (Especially cosmetic bags! Is that weird?!) I guess it’s the sartorial equivalent of glancing inside windows on an evening walk. It’s fascinating to see how other people live their lives…

A woman with red glasses and a tube of Lipstick Queen lipstick? I’m sure we could be friends!

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7 Comments on Things Inside Purses

  1. It’s not weird. I am the same. My sisters and I live far away from each other, coast to coast, so whenever we get together the first thing we do is exchange purses and go through our purses. It’s so much fun for us. (maybe we are weird?) haha. I keep meaning to do a post on “contents in a woman’s handbag” so maybe this is the kick I needed. Have a good week.